Writing Services

Kit offers a variety of services to assist writers of fantasy and romance in their creative process.. Examples and price ranges below, but for more detailed questions, use the contact button.


Developmental editing: plot, character, theme- $.10 a word, or $10 a page in standard manuscript format.

Copyediting: grammar, structure, flow- $.03 a word or $3 a page.

Beta-reading and Idea Generation

$50 flat fee to beta read any manuscript under 75K words, +$10 fir every extra 10K words.

$50 flat fee to create a three act outline for any fiction project.


You give me your pet idea, and I’ll write the book. Prices depend on length, subject, and timeline but average about $.15 word. Includes basic proofreading, but a different copy editor is preferred.

Let’s create something together!